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 Religion in Angola

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PostSubject: Religion in Angola   Religion in Angola EmptyTue 14 Dec 2010, 09:15

There are about 1000 mostly Christian religious communities in Angola.[38] While reliable statistics are entirely nonexistent, estimates have it that more than half of the population are Roman Catholics, while about a quarter adhere to the protestant churches introduced during the colonial period: the Congregationalists mainly among the Ovimbundu of the Central Highlands and the coastal region to its West, the Methodists concentrating on the Kimbundu speaking strip from Luanda to Malanje, the Baptists almost exclusively among the Bakongo of the Northwest (now massively present in Luanda as well) and dispersed Adventists Reformed and Lutherans.[39] In Luanda and region there subsists a nucleus of the "syncretic" Tocoists and in the Northwest a sprinkling of the Kimbanguist, spreading from the Congo/Zaire. Since independence, hundreds of Pentecostal and similar communities have sprung up in the cities, where by now about 50% of the population is living; several of these

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Religion in Angola
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