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 Demographics of Angola

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Demographics of Angola Empty
PostSubject: Demographics of Angola   Demographics of Angola EmptyTue 14 Dec 2010, 09:14

Angola's population is estimated to be 18,498,000 (2009).[1] It is composed of Ovimbundu (language Umbundu) 37%, Ambundu (language Kimbundu) 25%, Bakongo 13%, mestišos (mixed European and African) 2%, European 1%, and 22% 'other' ethnic groups.[31] The Ambundu and Ovimbundu nations combined form a majority of the population, at 62%.[32]

It is estimated that Angola was host to 12,100 refugees and 2,900 asylum seekers by the end of 2007. 11,400 of those refugees were originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo-Kinshasa) who arrived in the 1970s.[33] As of 2008 there were an estimated 400,000 DRC migrant workers,[34] at least 30,000 Portuguese,[35] and 100,000+ Chinese living in Angola.[36] Prior to independence in 1975, Angola had a community of approximately 500,000 Portuguese.[37]

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Demographics of Angola
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