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 HouphouŽt-Boigny administration

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PostSubject: HouphouŽt-Boigny administration   Mon 06 Dec 2010, 08:42

free and only one political party existed, although some accepted this as a consequence of HouphouŽt-Boigny's broad appeal to the population that continually elected him[citation needed]. He was also criticized for his emphasis on developing large scale projects. Many felt the millions of dollars spent transforming his home village, Yamoussoukro, into the new capital that it became, were wasted; others support his vision to develop a center for peace, education and religion in the heart of the country. But in the early 1980s, the world recession and a local drought sent shock waves through the Ivoirian economy. Due to the overcutting of timber and collapsing sugar prices, the country's external debt increased threefold. Crime rose dramatically in Abidjan[citation needed].

In 1990, hundreds of civil servants went on strike, joined by students protesting institutional corruption. The unrest forced the government to support multi-party democracy. HouphouŽt-Boigny became increasingly feeble and died in 1993. He favoured Henri Konan Bťdiť as his successor.

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HouphouŽt-Boigny administration
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