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 Demographics of Djibouti

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Demographics of Djibouti Empty
PostSubject: Demographics of Djibouti   Demographics of Djibouti EmptySat 18 Dec 2010, 06:42

The population consists of two major ethnic groups: the Somali and the Afar. The Somali clan component in Djibouti is mainly composed of the Issas, who form the majority, and the Gadabuursi. Both are subclans of the Dir. The Issas form part of the Madoobe Dir while the Gadabuursi are part of the Madaluug Dir. The remainder of the population consists of Europeans (mostly French and Italians), Arabs and Ethiopians. Although French and Arabic are the official languages, Somali and Afar are widely spoken.[1] The bulk of Djibouti's people are urban residents; the remainder are pastoralists.

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Demographics of Djibouti
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